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Songs of David Saxon

JST offered me a couple of pages on his site to post some of my stuff. Iím out of town on an extended set of gigs right now. Iíll try to get something for JST to post when I get back.

Maybe he can find something in the meantime......

Despite the picture, Iím really a gentle soul, a persona of JST.



Here are the lyrics to two of  Davidís more political songs, written during the presidential campaign of 2004:

Long Ago and Far Away?

Election 2004

David left the following fragment on my desk without explanation. I havenít been able to contact him, so Iím assuming he meant me to include it in this posting. 

Ode to Pauley Perrette

And hereís a trifle found shoved under the front door of a friend who had treated David to his one and only round of golf:

Wayfariní Golf Ball



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