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Aphorisms by JST

Never spend very much time among people who think you use “big words.”

Nature rewards daring and punishes recklessness.
How do you tell the difference?
That is the difference.

It is easier to start fires than to put them out.  Unless you need fire, of course.

Avoid people who sap your energy.  (They are vampires—whether they realize it or not.)

If you’re going to make mistakes, make big ones. Piddling little errors wear you down.  (Not advice I would have passed along to George W. Bush.)

Beware of any definition of patriotism that contains the implied message “Shut up!”

Avoid living downstream from rich people

Don’t ever board a boat expecting to stay dry.

The illusion of leadership is better maintained by being certain than by being right.

There is nothing sillier than a language purist 100 years later. Language changes, not always for the better. Get over it.

One of the main benefits of higher education is that it allows you to get more jokes.

Money has no intrinsic value, and it does not disappear when spent. It merely passes to someone else, who can then spend it again.

God is a practical joker.  That statement may not be true but it explains a lot.


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